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▼ Agatha Heterodyne [ OU ]
Birthday: January, 12th
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Soul Arcana: Magician
Unlucky Arcana: The Empress , The Tower, The Fool & The Lovers
String Color: [#085406]

▼ Personality Snapshot
A mad scientist with a bit of a hero complex. Agatha is fiercely loyal to her friends and very dangerous when underestimated. She's had to get used to a lot of responsibility very quickly.

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Hello, this is Agatha Heterodyne. Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message.


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You know how this works. How am I doing with Agatha? What am I doing right? What could I do differently? Leave a comment and let me know.
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Out Of Character Information
Name: Ket | [[personal profile] beautiful_dreamer]
Age: old enough
Time zone: -5 GMT
Contact: [plurk.com profile] flutterpony
Anything we should know?: Is it your first time in an DW rp? Is English your second language? Do you love us?

In Character Information
Name: Agatha Heterodyne
Series: Girl Genius
Canon Standing: Volume 13, Falling through the door with Tweedle, Violetta, and Krosp
Age: 18
Birthday & Astrology Sign: January 12th, Capricorn (Actual date never stated, so I'm going with the 'Great Pumpkin conjecture' fan theory.)
Arcana: Magician


A large portion of Agatha's current personality can be attributed to how quickly her life has changed. Only a few months ago she was a struggling university student who was considered to be destined for mediocrity at best. She even believed herself to be a failure. Now she's suddenly one of the most important people in Europa. She's managed to survive countless attempts on her life and accomplishes the impossible on a daily basis. Agatha has managed to survive because she's naturally very adaptable. She thinks fast on her feet and doesn't hesitate when making decisions. This allows her to keep up with the constantly changing events around her.

She's also very tenacious. This girl does not give up easy. And her solutions to 'impossible' problems are often very creative. Fighting most powerful ruler in the world and his elite fighting force? Good thing she built a deadly merry-go-round. Pushed through a temporal vortex and trapped in an enemy fortress with no tools or supplies? Sneak into his hanger bay and modify his grandmother's party sleigh to escape in. Because she needs it to be able to fly. Sleigh is held aloft by schweincoptors, naturally. And while she would have been happy to just lead a normal life (as normal as a mad scientists life gets anyway) she very willingly shoulders her new responsibilities as the Lady of Mechanicsburg. She tells Zeetha that she'll fight for the town, even if she has to oppose someone she loves to do it. And she proves herself to be a fairly good leader too, wrangling a whole new set of minions out of the prisoners in Castle Heterodyne.

All of this has combined to bolster her confidence astronomically. She used to think she couldn't do anything right, now she's willing to take on the whole world. (And actually believes she can win.) Unfortunately it's done the opposite for her patience. As the danger and complications in her life become greater, her temper has been getting shorter. A lot of this is probably due to stress though, as she hasn't had time to properly rest in weeks.

Of course, maybe she could have a sliiightly quieter life if these little heroic tendencies of hers didn't keep cropping up. Agatha really cares about other people, and is the sort of person to run straight at the danger in order to save them. Even when she doesn't know them. (If she actually does know them then whatever is putting her friends in danger had better watch out.)The circus sent her away to travel the wastelands alone and she ran right back to rescue them from the crab clank. And she was trying to remain incognito while she traveled with the circus, and she still rushed out to save the citizens of Zumzum from Jenka's wrath. She would have charged right to her death on the faint hope that a few of Passholdt's citizens might have survived the town's destruction if Master Payne hadn't stopped her. And when she was possessed by the Other, the most destructive and villainous spark to ever exist, Agatha was ready to turn herself in to Baron Wulfenbach to spare the world another war.

Agatha has always loved science. She comes from a world where mad scientists, or 'sparks' make up most of the ruling class. And while many people look askance at these 'madboys' who always seem to be building giant squid clanks or creating armies of intelligent vegetables, (well, when they weren't running away from these creations.) Agatha always admired them. Ever since she was a very little girl she wanted nothing more than to build things. To create. To learn. But the locket her uncle gave her was designed to contain any sparky talents she had.

Only recently has she broken free of that. And now her ideas finally work. And she's wasted no time, creating a remarkable number of devices of all kinds in less than a year. She takes genuine delight in all of her creations, from her little dingbots to her death rays to the coffee engine. And still holds great admiration for the creations of others. Her initial reaction to an army of giant war clanks marching up to her city gates is 'I can't wait to see them in action.' She was even more impressed with Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's lightning device that destroyed the aforementioned army. Like all sparks, when she's engaged in any form of SCIENCE! she enters what people in her world call 'the madness place.' This allows a form of hyperfocus on the task at hand, granting incredible insight into potential problems, solutions, improvements, etc.

Unfortunately it also tends to skew her perception of silly things like 'practicality' or 'morality.' While in the madness place, ideas like 'the wastelands are dangerous so what the circus needs is a merry-go-round that can level a small town' and 'we'll just kill you and then bring you back to life and then you won't be sick anymore' sound very sensible. When Carson Von Mekkhan tells her that no one else can be hooked up to the throne of Faustus Heterodyne because only he has the special holes drilled into his skull, her response is to offer to drill holes into the skull of one of her companions. Sparks in the madness place also tend to get carried away and forget mundane things like food and sleep, often working on a project for hours or even days without stopping.

Being a fairly outgoing person naturally, Agatha makes friends easily. In the short time she was on Castle Wulfenbach, she became friendly with many of her fellow students. When she joined the circus, she became close with several fellow performers. And she gets pretty attached to her friends too. Especially Zeetha. Zeetha has stayed with her and helped her through countless dangers, taught her how to survive, and offered emotional support in the trying time. She's even teaching Agatha how to act like a proper princess. (It involves wearing armor and rescuing princes.) And even people who start out as her enemies can become trusted friends. Moloch Von Zinzer started out threatening Agatha's life, and now he's her chief minion and she relies on him for many things.

Her romantic relationships are a tad more complicated. While she would probably be insulted if someone said so, Agatha is a bit fickle romantically. In a relatively short period of time, she fell in love with three different men. ( In fairness to her, she spent so much of her life being unpopular and suddenly all these handsome men are telling her they love her and they'll do anything for her. It's not entirely surprising that her emotions would get a little confused. ) She also has unfortunate taste in guys. ('Unfortunate,' not 'bad.' There is a difference.) Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is the son of the feared Baron who controls most of Europa and wants Agatha dead. Tarvek Sturmvarous is a scheming manipulative prince who is partially responsible for Agatha being possessed by the Other. (Their intentions toward her do seem very genuine though. Both have made a lot of sacrifices for her.) The third, an actor named Lars, died while protecting her from the Baron.

Several of her minions(most notably Violetta and Moloch) have been taking guesses as to which of her two remaining suitors she'll pick. As she tells them, 'The Baron wants me dead, an imposter is trying to take my place, armies are trying to take over the town, the castle is broken and the Other is still in my head! Now, when all that's taken care of, we'll have a great big fancy party and I'll wear a pretty dress and dance with all the boys!' But until then, she'd appreciate it if they'd shut up about the subject of boyfriends. Truth be told, she doesn't know which one she wants. She admits to having feelings for both of them. But isn't sure how much she can trust them. Which sort of puts a damper on things.

As has been mentioned, Agatha is possessed by a copy of the 'Other,' the most dangerous and ruthless spark to ever exist. The Other's true identity happens to be Lucrezia Mongfish, who also happens to be Agatha's mother. Because this copy is still in Agatha's mind, and is held in check only by her reconstructed locket, it is still possible for Lucrezia to take controll of Agatha's body for short periods of time. So while it would be a rare thing, here's a few important points about Lucrezia's personality.

Lucrezia is ruthless, insane, and cruel. She's proven herself capable of horrific atrocities, destroying whole towns and converting the surviving inhabitants into her slaves via a form of mind control.(Mind control is her scientific specialty) She's betrayed friends, lovers, and relatives. She's incredibly intelligent and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her ends. Even sacrificing her own son to her goals was acceptable. Agatha herself describes Lucrezia's thoughts as 'alien' and 'terribly mad.' Getting Lucrezia out of her head probably should have been a priority, but in fairness, there hasn't been any time to even try. And, as Agatha tells Tarvek, she wouldn't even know where to begin.


Canon Powers:

Agatha is a spark, which is really just the polite term for a mad scientist. (The more common, less nice term would be madgirl) What this boils down to a certain disregard for the laws of physics. Sparks can do anything from building intelligent clockwork machines to adding extra arms to unfortunate minions to making a very dangerous fountain out of sausages. Of course, different sparks have different talents. Many specialize in only one area. Especially strong sparks, like Agatha, tend to have a broader spectrum of talents.

The area in Agatha primarily excels is the design and building of clanks. (Robots, essentially) Most of her creations are of this type. (Dingbots, circus wagon mechs, possibly the coffee engine fits in this category, etc.) She also has a lot of skill with creating small armaments. (Several death rays, electric fencing foils.)

She's well schooled in various types of medical mad science, but has almost no hands on experience. (With Gil and Tarvek's help, she does manage a rather complex and dangerous medical procedure involving a rolling resurrection chain.)

A better explanation of the spark in general can be found here.

And, not really a power, but Agatha has been training with a princess from a matriarchal warrior tribe. The training has been harsh, but very useful. Agatha can now wield a sword and dodge incoming attacks very well. She can also run very fast.

And on the off chance that something does happen to Agatha's locket or some other shenanigans allow Lucrezia to take control, it should be noted that she is also a spark. Both stronger and more experienced than Agatha, her specialty is mind alteration and control.

Canon Weapons|Items:
None (don't worry. She'll build her own.)

Canon Allies:
None (again, she'll build her own.)

Canon Baggage:
Trilobyte Locket- Originally this locket was designed by her uncle Barry to keep her spark from breaking through. It is shaped like a trilobyte, which is the symbol of house Heterodyne, and contains pictures of her mother and father. It has since been broken and repaired, and now no longer disrupts her spark. What it does do is keep the Other from taking over Agatha's body. Understandably, she doesn't like to take it off.

Victorian style clothing

Various mechanics tools


Agatha Heterodyne | [personal profile] ding_bots_are_done | CHARACTER LVL (1)


► Agilao (Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.)
► Aques (Deal medium Water damage to one enemy.)
► Magnara (Deal medium Earth damage to one enemy.)
► Zionga (Inflicts a medium amount of Lightning damage on one enemy.)
▷ Garula (Inflicts a medium amount of Wind damage on one enemy.)
▷ Bufula (Inflicts a medium amount of Ice damage on one enemy.)
▷ Aeon Rain (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.)
▷ The Heterodyne Boys and the Unnecessarily Confusing Plot Twist (40% chance of causing one target to skip their next turn.)
★ The Heterodyne Boys and the Deus Ex Machina (Allows an ally to retry a failed skill.)

► Apt Pupil (Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.)
▷ Resist Dark (Reduces chance of instant KO from Darkness attacks. Voids weakness to Darkness.)
▷ Invigorate (5% total SP is restored at every turn (healing out of battle takes about 6 hours))

Writing Sample
Here's a thread from bakerstreet!

And also a Dear_mun post!


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